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5 Simple Habits To Keep You Happy Everyday

By | July 25, 2016


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  1. Wake up early

I’ve found that waking up early every day makes me feel most invigorated and happy. It gives me a great start to the day, and this almost always leads to a great rest of the day.

  1. Exercise daily

I recently discovered that exercise is a keystone habit which paves the way for growth in all other areas. It also helps me to get high-quality sleep each night.

  1. Regularly help others

I recently read a book by Adam Grant entitled “Give and Take”. What struck me the most was the proof that people who help others out consistently not only feel happier, but are actually more successful.

  1. Learn new skills

A key part of why learning new skills can bring happiness, is that you need to concentrate in order to make progress. The learning state has been found to trigger happiness. In addition, when learning something new you are able to learn a lot in a short space of time due to a steep learning curve.

  1. Have multiple ways to “win” each day

Since the above activities are   habitual, many days of the week I actually accomplish all of them. If I succeed with all of them, I have a truly amazing day and feel fantastic.


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