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Adventure To Operation Flinders

By | September 8, 2015

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For several years, Altitude Advisory has supported the amazing work by Operation Flinders and in early July, I had the opportunity to head up to Yankannina   Station to see first hand, the incredible work by the organisation.

An hours drive out of Leigh Creek (600km north of Adelaide), we entered Yankannina Station; the location of the program.

What makes this so special? In groups up to ten participants; teenagers aged from 14 to 18 years old, trek between key locations on the property, a property which is over 500 square kilometres.

These are kids considered to be at ’high risk’, come from less than ideal home lives and may come from troubled  backgrounds. Over the days out on their trek, they are lead by Team Leaders, Counsellors and a dedicated team of specialists.

We heard stories of the positive influence which the program provides, before and after comparisons in attitudes and the long term change it brings. The main goals of the program were clear; making these young people feel special, valued and     important while teaching them the disciplines which come with leadership and team work.

Leaving Yankannina, I was very proud of our inclusion in the program and appreciative of the wonderful people who dedicate their lives to these youth.


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