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"I'm excited to share my knowledge and help you develop a clear road map for your business to leverage more opportunities."

The Business Builder Workshop 

What's in it For You?

Imagine you were driving to a new holiday destination for the first time. Would you prefer to do it with a road map + GPS, or without one? Probably with the map in place. 

Same goes for your business. If your goal is to level up your business by 2021, would you rather go it on your own, or be guided by someone who’s done it all before several times over? 

We all go into business for similar reasons. We want more time, more freedom to operate the way we want, and the opportunity to build more success. But it’s easy to get stuck along the way...

How can we help you get unstuck? 

Our four-part workshop runs over four months, meaning you get a month to start implementing everything you learned in the previous workshop. 

Here’s how it will play out: 

Workshop 1:

Set Your Goals

Learn how to think like a winner.

Identify and commit to achieving your business and personal goals.

Workshop 2:

Know Your Numbers

Identify leaks, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies in your business. 

Learn to recognise what your numbers are telling you so you can achieve more profit.

Workshop 3:

Boost Your Cash Flow

Take control of your cash flow.

Learn how to increase margins in order to boost profit and improve cash flow.

Workshop 4:

Go for Growth

Your business plans and processes are now in place.

The final step is to identify and target the profitable areas to take your business to the next level.

About Andrew Mattner

Andrew Mattner is the Director and CFO of Altitude Advisory with over 25 years experience consulting to the SME market. When you have the opportunity to work with Andrew, there's no denying his passion for helping business owners to improve their business. 

Andrew's experience includes scaling seven businesses (including four start-ups) and growing these businesses to employ over 200 team members. His active involvement in developing his clients' business strategies has a proven track record in helping clients improve their business by 300% and he can help you too!


Cost: $1,500 per person

(add $500 for a second person from your business!)

The Highway, 290 Anzac Hwy, Plympton

2nd September  |   7th October  |  11th November  |  9th December 2020

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (registration open from 8:30 AM)      

*Lunch & refreshments will be provided


Cost: $1,500 per person 

(add $500 for a second person from your business!)

Port Lincoln Hotel, 1 Lincoln Hwy, Port Lincoln 

21st August    18th September  |  16 October  |  20 November 2020

9:30 AM - 2:30 PM (registration open from 9:00 AM)      

*Lunch & refreshments will be provided

You don't want to miss this!

This workshop is a must for business owners wanting to

build a better business for a better life!

Gloria R

Business Owner

"We had been grappling with some concerns regarding succession, business strategy and family dynamics in our business. We couldn't have found a better financial, management, inter-relationship coach and mentor than Andrew Mattner!"


Managing Director

"Both Robert and myself got immense value from today's session; looking forward to the next one!"

Kerri S

Supermarket Owner

"Andrew's workshop helped us to find ways to improve our business unlike anything we have used in the past! He is approachable and shows us he's truly interested in our business."

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