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Celebrating International Women’s Day with our team

By | March 8, 2018

Altitude Advisory General Manager Kristen Buik highlights how we celebrated International Women’s Day with the business – and the wider Hub 39 group.

International Women's Day web

Now is a great time for women in business, and there is no better day to shout about it than today, International Women’s Day

The world is changing and so too is business. There has never been a time when we have been more connected, business so complex or as uncertain as it is today.

Relationships are more important than ever and communication and collaboration are increasingly imperative. It just so happens that females naturally possess all the attributes to win at this new game of business.

Women, more than men, have the ability to see what others don’t and do what others won’t, to keep pushing their ideas and ideals when they believe in something. Women have the opportunity to embrace this reshaping landscape of business and create the workplaces of their dreams.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

We asked some of the women in our team to give their thoughts on equality in South Australia.

Altitude Advisory Team - Business Advisor, Elouise Barker

Elouise Barker, Altitude Advisory

Are cultures improving in regards to equality?

More women are being recognised for their contributions to society. However lower pay rates than men, less women in management positions and less women in politics are still issues we face. We still have a long way to go in improving the way society sees women, not only at work but at home, in social circumstances, social media, everything. We need to stop pre-judging others (both men and women).

What challenges do professional women still face in South Australia?

You really have to fight and work extremely hard to move up and be taken seriously in the corporate sector.

We do employ a lot of women here at Hub39. The accounting profession has historically been men in management.

Danielle Stevens, Peak Super

Are cultures improving in regards to equality?

 For as long as I can remember there has been a huge push for equality. If you’ve seen the Hollywood news lately, there has been the #metoo movement which has provided women (and some men) who for a long time didn’t have a voice/power to stand up against the powerful men in the industry.

A lot has improved for women in sport – by introducing equal winning money for men and women. The Australian Open and The Women’s Santos Tour Down Under were prime examples of introducing this scheme.

In regards to the corporate sector, I think there is still a long way to go. You still see the huge discrepancy between male and female executives, however it’s difficult to argue whether that is purely a gender issue, or if the potential female candidates chose the motherhood route instead of the executive role.

What challenges do professional women still face in South Australia?

As soon as women reach the fork in the road – with the two directions being the pathway to motherhood and dedicated nurturing, or breaking the glass ceiling in their profession.

In this digital 24/7 world, it’s hard enough for your average Jo to balance work and life. Now add some estrogen and a four-month old…and see how much easier that’ll be.

The question on many females’ minds are, “If I am able to take an unknown amount of time off work for parental leave, can I expect a job waiting for me when my child is at an independent age?”

The other challenge is the diminishing rebates for childcare. If a woman drops her child off to childcare/kindy/early learning centres, will the daily rate be met by her day’s pay, or is she barely breaking even? 

I think Hub39 has a great approach to culture and caring for their female employees with young children. There are a few women in this office who work part time, have flexible hours for school drop offs or pick up, which I believe is excellent. In order to have happy employees, you need to allow them to have peace of mind that their children are in a safe environment.

Megan Mashford, Peak Super

Are cultures improving in regards to equality?

I think slowly but surely, things are improving but there’s still so much to be done. The key thing is that we as a society don’t become complacent about equality. It would be bad news for everyone if we thought that the job was done. We’re going in the right direction though.

A big positive here at Hub 39 is that the company is very supportive of women returning to work.

What challenges do professional women still face in South Australia?

Women in SA are still paid less than their male counterparts and then when they leave the office, one in three women experience physical violence and nearly one in five has experienced sexual assault.

Women in Australia are over represented in lower-paying part-time jobs and under-represented in executive positions.

We also have the issue of still being discriminated against because we are mothers and we lose our ability to return to work sooner due to overpriced childcare and not enough benefits to return to work which will also be underpaid.

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