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Hyper Business Growth with Jack Daly: Top 3 Tips

By | July 25, 2018

Altitude Advisory Business Advisor Jack Thiel was at the Jack Daly Hyper Growth seminar in Adelaide recently. Here are his top three takeaways from the event.

Jack Daly with Andrew Mattner

When Jack Daly says hyper growth, he means triple digit growth or more. This is quite an exciting concept to most business owners, especially when Jack mentions he’s talking about the bottom line.

Altitude Advisory recently hosted Jack Daly in Adelaide for a full-day, mind-blowing, wisdom-filled, quote fest. It would be amiss of me not to let you in on a few of his secrets…

Set targets and track

Set yourself stretch goals – like real stretch goals. You will only achieve what you believe you are capable of… so believe a little extra will you?!

Break your goals into the smallest possible actions you can take to move towards achieving your goals. Then track your progress and hold yourself accountable. After all…

“What gets measured, gets done” — Jack Daly

Important comes before urgent

Do you ever remember your primary school sports coach cancelling training? Maybe for a torrential downpour, otherwise training was always on.

Yet in business, when push comes to shove training, nurturing and other important tasks are often pushed aside. This leads to businesses and clients never getting the care they really deserve.

For the business, it means you are working for your business rather than on your business. And for the clients, you are being reactive rather than proactive!

“Sports teams are run better than most businesses” — Jack Daly

Measure Your HPAs

High-payoff activities: Do more of these
Low-payoff activities: Do less of these

Simple enough? Turns out, if you truly track the tasks you do each and every day, you will find that you spend a disproportionate amount of time on tasks that add little to no value to yourself, your business or your clients.

So track what you do, identify your HPAs and find a way to outsource the rest:

  • Give the task to someone more suitable (offshore, Fivrr etc)
  • Automate the task (Zapier, Workato… just find a damn API somewhere!)
  • Quit doing it altogether (if it’s an option)

“If you don’t have an assistant, you are an assistant” — Jack Daly

This really is just a taste of all the juicy goodness Jack left us with, there truly were hundreds of golden nuggets passed on throughout the day.

Please, don’t overlook the value you can add to your business and your life by implementing these few very small and simple steps!

Oh, and next time Altitude Advisory brings someone to town, take it seriously – we mean business!

This blog originally appeared at thejackthiel.com

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