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Investing in Adelaide infrastructure: A chance to grow?

By | December 4, 2017

Billed as the world’s fifth most liveable city, Adelaide has big plans for growing its infrastructure, its tech scene and its carbon neutral targets, to name a few, and the opportunities for investing in Adelaide are growing.

Investing in Adelaide

There’s no doubt that Adelaide faces challenges going forward, but we can also see growth indicators when we look around this great city. Is investing in Adelaide infrastructure your next business move?

Investing in Adelaide

New buildings are popping up, new businesses are becoming an integral part of growth and new collaborations are helping to build momentum that can help to make Adelaide a progressive and leading city.

The South Australian Government pledged a $12.1 billion investment to its 2017 infrastructure projects, supporting more than 1300 jobs.

The importance of investing in infrastructure is obvious, but not always the rewards that can come from it.

Outside the public sphere, investment in the private sector continues to have its rewards. Take some time and familiarise yourself with key questions to ask before investing in private equity projects.

Adelaide property investment

With a growing population and one of the country’s most affordable  economies, low vacancy rates and, of course, being highly liveable, Adelaide is an ideal spot to invest in property.

According to a recent CoreLogic report, the average sale price for a residential property in Adelaide is $440,000 compared to $675,000 in Melbourne. People want to move here. It’s time to invest in property now whilst the market is exploding.

Interested in growing your company by investing in Adelaide infrastructure? Interested in investing in private equity, or acquiring commercial space? Speak to a member of our expert team here

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