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Let’s seize the opportunity to make South Australian startups the best in the country

By | September 26, 2017

Andrew Mattner welcomes the plans for Adelaide’s data network, but says that South Australian startups shouldn’t be left behind in developments.

The City of Adelaide plans to position itself as the startup capital of Australia, with the development of an ultrafast data network across the city over the next 12 months.

For anyone who has suffered the pain of trying to run a business with internet that’s, frankly, inadequate at best then this will come as welcome news.

Anything that can help to improve the capabilities of existing businesses and make Adelaide a more attractive proposition to startups must be encouraged.

A fit-for-purpose data network is just one of the many essentials needed in Adelaide if the city truly wants to make itself the startup capital of Australia.

South Australian startups: It’s not all about Adelaide

So if Adelaide’s ultrafast broadband rollout comes to pass and we see a much-needed increase in new businesses in our great city. Is that a case of ‘job done’?

The answer, quite simply, is ‘not by a long way’.

You see, South Australia doesn’t begin and end at Adelaide. This beautiful state has some of the most enterprising, innovate and exciting businesses – many of which are startups – so what about them? Where is the grand vision for those businesses?

In my position at Altitude Advisory, I get to work with many fantastic businesses across South Australia. How they would love to hear an announcement like that about Adelaide’s big broadband plans.

If our politicians and decision makers are truly committed to this state, there has to be more done not just for Adelaide’s business ecosystem, but for South Australia as a whole.

Wouldn’t a vision to make South Australia the startup capital of this country be a far more appealing one?

Just think what it could do for this state. The opportunities that a state-wide plan for South Australia could provide startups are almost endless.

Give South Australia entrepreneurs the chance to grow

It’s a cold, hard fact that our state’s unemployment rate is the worst in the country, and even more depressing is the fact that it’s getting worse.

Here’s another hard fact: When it becomes easier for entrepreneurs to launch and grow, unemployment levels drop and the economy grows.

The skills and experience of people throughout this state is astounding. I should know, I spend much of my working life with many of these people.

But the potential of many of our entrepreneurs cannot be fulfilled at the rate it should be simply because the infrastructure is not there to harness that potential.

Time to make the most of South Australia talent

The movement towards a modern network that is befitting of a state capital like Adelaide is welcome and it should be commended. The plan to market the city as a startup capital is bold and shows a willingness to harness potential. But let’s not stop there.

South Australian startups already have the talent. Now let’s all put our heads together to ensure that we make the most of it.

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