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Marketing in 2018: It’s the little things that matter

By | July 13, 2018

Hub39 Marketing Manager John Durrant explains how ‘the extra five per cent’ can make all the difference in marketing your business.  

Every morning I pass by a water tank company on my morning commute down South Road and it always makes me think about the importance of the little things in marketing.

Marketing: Times Square

SIGN OF THE TIMES: Consumers are bombarded by advertising every moment of their waking lives in 2018.

This company sets itself apart from its competitors by doing one creative little thing and it impresses me every time I see it.

On the side of one of their tanks, facing the road, some marketing-savvy person has attached a blackboard and every couple of days they write a new funny or inspirational quote.

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about this but, as a marketer, it makes a big impact on me.

Every day thousands of motorists pass by that sign. What makes it stand out is that they’re not trying to sell to me. They could quite easily join the hordes of other businesses on that long road who try to tempt customers with garish SALE signs.

Marketing in 2018 is all about cutting through the noise. It’s not about shoving your product or service in someone’s face and shouting, “Buy this, it’s great and it’s on sale!”

Regardless of the industry you’re in, the competition you face is fierce. Marketing is hard, even with the right people and resources.

In most ball sports – let’s use my beloved soccer as an example – coaches and sports psychologists talk about ‘the extra five per cent’ – the ability for a team or an individual to give that extra five per cent that makes the difference between winning and losing.

It’s a useful analogy in marketing. Everyone is competing against you for the sale, it’s up to you to find that extra five per cent that seals the deal.

A funny sentence on the side of a water tank might not seem a big deal but how many people will remember that particular company when the time comes that they are in the market for a new water tank?

I have no need for a new water tank at this moment, but guess where I’ll be going when I do need a new one?

Think outside the box, be creative, pay attention to the little details and, most importantly, give people a reason to be interested in you.

Water tanks are probably one of the dullest things you could try to market, but that little business on South Road is doing a sterling job… and there’s not a SALE sign in sight.

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