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What We Do

As Advisors, our focus is on the seven areas crucial to your business:


Profit is critical to the long term survival of any business and demands efficient use of your assets and resources.

We work with you to establish a basis for monitoring performance to ensure your business stays on track to reach and exceed its targets through pricing strategies, cost control and understanding and improving your margins.


A solid understanding of your cashflow cycle is essential for any successful business. Combining proven cash management strategies with accurate forecasting, we can help you to maximise cashflow.

Capital spending decisions can be undertaken with greater confidence and finance applications are more likely to be approved.


Identifying growth opportunities is a priority in sustaining your business. Growth can be achieved through many different strategies. Whether it’s through increasing market share, expansion or product and service differentiation, we can help you grow your business and in turn your wealth!

Asset Protection

Protecting hard earned wealth is a key objective for all business owners. Ensuring that your asset ownership structure is optimal and that you have appropriate insurance in place is critical to asset protection.

We will work with you to ensure that your estate planning issues are in order.


Ultimately the goal for most business owners is to sell their business at its maximum value.

A succession plan can help you to achieve this by implementing sound business practises increasing the value of your business and making it less reliant on people thus increasing its value.

Tax & Accounting

In the modern era of business, it’s not all about making sure that the numbers add up (nor should it be) but this is still a core part of what we do as accountants and advisors.

We handle your tax and accounting work ensuring that your returns are lodged accurately and on time and that you aren’t paying any more tax than you legally have to.

Growth & Profit Solutions

We will work with you to identify your key opportunities for increased Growth and Profit over the next 12 months, and importantly, the strategies to address them.

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Phillip Cross, Royce Cross Agencies

Kerri Stutley, Tumby Bay Foodland