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Xerocon Diary Day 2: Learning the subtle art of not giving a…

By | September 7, 2018

Jack Thiel and some of the Altitude Advisory team attended Xerocon in Brisbane. Here are his highlights from day two. 

Day 2 certainly has a different feel to it. The lights and games are still there, but I certainly got the sense that these were about to take a backseat while most advisors (including myself) looked to justify that Xerocon price tag and get some real value to bring back to their firm and clients!

A brilliant keynote opened day 2, from a man many of you may know, he is the author of that obnoxious orange book many of us self-helpers have read, ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’,.

That man is Mark Manson… and boy does he live that book title. Within seconds of taking the stage he had the entire Xerocon audience yelling the word at the top of their lungs – well done, sir!

In all seriousness, Mark had some brilliant words of advice, a few of which I believe are extremely relevant and necessary for the upcoming generation:

You are not special, so do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Motivation is overrated, so focus on what matters.

Don’t pursue happiness, it’s an unrealistic trap.

Problems will always exist, so choose the better problems.

Key takeaways

The rest of the day was spent shuffling between speakers and the Xerocon expo, trialing apps and absorbing presentations. To save you all time and money, here are my key takeaways from day 2:

  • Don’t forget the 1% – Trent Innes, this means:
    – Exceed expectations; and
    – Aim for incremental improvement
  • Rules to live by at Xero:
    – Always wash your coffee cup; and
    – Never eat lunch at your desk
  • 1 in 5 men and 1 in 12 women work 50+ hours a week, which science has proven can lead to:
    – Poor mental health
    – Job dissatisfaction
    – Alcoholism
    + more
  • Demand work life balance – Sharon McClafferty
  • Elite sportspeople receive constant feedback and coaching, we should do nothing less for our teams and clients.

From the app ecosystem

As accountants and advisors we need to understand that awareness of technological advancements is growing, but the understanding is not there to back it up. There is a huge opportunity for us as advisors to step and be the support our clients need to grow and improve their tech stack!

Xerocon is a great example of how huge the ecosystem is, with app stalls left, right and centre! This is an absolute blessing for small business owners who can now leverage technology and efficiencies which were previously only available to the top 5%.

The speed at which this ecosystem is growing provides a challenge to us as advisors. Even if we choose not to chase this growth, but rather sit back and wait for the proven products, we must still understand what this growth means for Xero, its users and us, or risk missing the true opportunities to do something special.

Farewell for another year

And finally the wrap-up (pre-wrap-up party).

After an awesome presentation by the company’s founder Rod Drury (and a few ‘rich people stories’) we were welcomed with a presentation like no other at Xerocon.

The final show took us right back to where we started, bright lights, loud music and dancing, but this time we could really enjoy it, knowing we had been to every damn app add-on that we could find!

What a performance it was.

This article first appeared on Jack Thiel’s blog here.


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